Window Locks


Bulimba has a wide diversity of houses and apartments. There is also a large diversity in window designs, construction and materials. There are many different window locks that are made for each specific window type in Bulimba.

Aluminium Windows

Sliding aluminium window lock BulimbaAluminium sliding windows are a common type of window in modern houses in Brisbane. The basic design has been popular for more then 40 years so there are a large number of sliding aluminium windows in Bulimba.

Most sliding aluminium windows can have a specific type of lock fitted to them. The lock screws onto the window and locks into the bottom of the window frame. These locks can be changed and keyed alike to other window locks in the house or even keyed alike to the front door locks. Some aluminium sliding windows also have a key operated lock in the window catch. Most window lock catch locks can not be keyed to the locks in the rest of the house.

Double Hung Windows.

Whitco Sash Double Hung Window Locks Bulimba Multi bolt double hung window lock BulimbaDouble hung windows are windows that move up and down. You push them up and pull them down. This type of window can have a key operated lock fitted with a bolt that goes right through each window, locking the 2 windows together. These locks can also be keyed to other locks in the house.

A double hung window might also have a lock that is fitted to the top of the inside window and swivels to lock the opposing window. There are versions of these locks that can also be used to match common front door keys.

Push Out Windows

Mini Push Bolts locks BulimbaPush out windows are common on old Queenslanders. These locks can have a simple window bolt lock fitted to the top and bottom of the window. The locking bolt goes into a hole in the frame of the window.

Aluminium push out windows can also have a push lock or they can in some cases be fitted with a window winder lock. The window winder is very useful if a screen is fitted to the inside of the window and no access is available for opening the window.

There are many other types of windows and window locks available to meet the specific needs of residents of Bulimba. Get in touch with one of our professional locksmiths for advice regarding the best lock to suit your particular window.