Mail theft

Mail theft

Letterbox and lock security

Coming up to Christmas we have seen instaBulimba Locksmith Brisbanences where mail is being taken from letter boxes. Thieves are targeting Christmas card. Cards can contain money and the thieves are trying to take advantage of the festive season and card giving traditions.

It is important to lock up your letterbox and make sure the letters can not be taken out from the front of the box. Thieves can put their hands through small gaps to grab letters. A letter box with a large drop will also ensure the mail man has a better chance of securely delivering the mail and it is not caught as it enters.

Most newer letter boxes have a lock. If not then a lock can be installed by a locksmith to most letter boxes. Even a simple padlock with fittings can stop easy access to mail. Most mail thieves do not want to waste time prying open a box. They are looking for fast easy targets and the easiest targets are unlocked mail boxes.

Many mail boxes are on a master key system. The master keys for these boxes are available and thieves can get a key to unlock a whole range of common letter boxes. A more secure letter box lock is available and they are not expensive. Changing the lockĀ  to a better mail box lock installed that is not master keyed is recommended.

You can contact our locksmiths 24 hours a day to have a letter box lock installed on your mail box. We operate a mobile locksmith service and have emergency locksmiths available any time of day and night.