Frameless Glass Door Locks

frameless door lock BulimbaMany commercial doors on shops in Bulimba do not have a door frame. Well the aluminium frame is on the bottom of the door only. These doors are made from toughened glass and have the lock fitted into the bottom rail of the door.

Removing the locks in these frameless glass doors takes a professional locksmith as they are not built like other types of doors. The frame on the bottom of the door must be removed to gain access to the lock cylinder retaining screws which can be tricky, especially on older style doors.

Our Locksmiths in Bulimba can help you with all these types of frameless commercial glass door locks. We can change the lock cylinders so you are sure only you have the keys. The cylinders can also be rekeyed to a registered key system.

Frameless glass door lock removal is not reccommended unless you have experience with these particular doors. The glass in a frameless glass door is toughened and if scratched can explode causing injury. Always call a qualified locksmith in Bulimba for service or lock changing.